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Why Remarketing Campaigns Deserve a Piece of Your Advertising Budget

In a world full of advertising options, it may seem like the options far outweigh the dollars in your marketing budget. Deciding where and when to focus your advertising time and money can seem daunting, but at Black Tie Digital, we’re happy to help you evaluate your options.

Remarketing advertising is one option that many businesses are finding effective. Here is a quick and handy guide to this type of campaign.


Who does remarketing target? Remarketing advertising focuses on customers who have previously visited your site.

How does remarketing work? When a visitor spends time on a page of your website, the site makes a ‘cookie’ to identify them. It then adds that unique identifier to a list of people to advertise to in the future.

Where do remarketing ads appear? When someone on your remarketing list (identifiable by a cookie), visits Google or other sites within the Display Network, they’ll see an ad from your business.

Know that you know the aim of remarketing advertising and how it works, you may be wondering why this type of campaign deserves a part of your advertising dollars. To answer that, think of how often you have left a store thinking about that one item you were interested in, but didn’t purchase. What if pictures of that item popped up on the next billboard you saw, appeared in every T.V. commercial that evening, and were featured front and center on the newspaper in the morning? It would be pretty tough to forget about that item and how much you wanted it! In a similar way, remarketing ads keep your product or services in front of prospective customers that have shown an interest in them. Repeated advertising makes what you have to offer hard to forget! With just a simple click on the ad, a former visitor to your site can become a happy customer.

So don’t lose one-time visitors to your site. Use remarketing ads to create more sales opportunities. Contact us today about your Internet advertising objectives and how remarketing campaigns can be used to support your strategy.