The Brief

Developing A World-Class Website Prepared For Any Mission

About CPS

Complete Parachute Solutions is the world’s leading provider of ram-air military parachute equipment and military freefall training. With over 50 years of military service and more than 65 years of industry production experience, the team is skilled and trained to offer courses right from their headquarters in Deland, Florida. CPS takes pride in providing a wide variety of rugged, reliable parachutes and accessories suitable for any mission, for international allied military and government entities world-wide.

Brand DNA Architecture

Our Brand DNA architecture process allows us to intimately understand your business and how it operates, so we can apply sophisticated marketing tactics and strategy to your overall brand. As the world’s leading provider of ram-air military parachuting equipment and military freefall training solutions, CPS needed a world-class brand. 

CPS prides themselves in providing for military and government entities. Being so, they needed to have a modern, tactical, and sleek branding identity that appealed to a wide range of military personnel, while still being true to themselves. We understood that they needed to showcase their expertise, their passion, and their parachutes.

Scope of Work

Rebranding  | Website | Graphic Design | Content Creation | Photography | Videography

A New Brand

Sometimes, rebranding doesn’t mean a whole overhaul. Sometimes, rebranding means refreshing or re-envisioning an existing brand. This was the case with CPS. The parachute company wanted their logo and branding to appeal to certain military and government officials. As a result, Black Tie worked directly with CPS to help bring a modern twist to their classic design, which helped them remain true to their roots.



A Website For the Brave

CPS targeted an opportunity to fulfill the shortcoming of most military parachute systems on the market today. With design, quality, and durability on the forefront of their strategy, CPS knew they could appeal to a larger audience by providing state of the art products, services, training, and related equipment for military and government officials.

Seamless Experience Across Devices

Networking is a top priority for the company. A stunningly beautiful website with responsive and fast load times is crucial in operating effectively and establishing credibility. When their potential clients load on their page, they’ll be able to seamlessly navigate their way around the website and discover new pages with ease.

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