The Brief

Revive the possibilities of moon and space travel

About Moon Express

Moon Express is a privately funded commercial space company blazing the trail to the moon to unlock its mysteries and resources beginning with low cost robotic spacecraft. They are driven by long-term goals of exploring and developing lunar resources for the benefit of humanity and short term goals of providing cargo transportation and services to the moon for private, academic, commercial and government customers.

Brand DNA Architecture

The Black Tie Digital Brand DNA Architecture is a proprietary process we use to discover our client’s business. This process reveals a company’s purpose and its aspirations. The DNA is essential to craft a digital marketing strategy that will enable our clients to dream bigger and attain their goals.

For Moon Express, we knew we were going to have to pull out all the stops to provide them with a cutting edge website that would appeal to investors, NASA, scientists, and various government agencies. It needed to convey their expertise and aptitude for revolutionizing space travel and redefining possible.

“The team at Black Tie provided us with strategic guidance and digital expertise to help create a website and digital presence that is out of this world.”

Julie Arnold
Director of Marketing and Communications – Moon Express

The Digital Vehicle to Space

Moon Express needed a website that would accurately convey their authority in space exploration while appealing to potential investors, scientists, government entities and especially the public. The site needed to be visually dynamic and expertly developed for a seamless user experience.

Moon Express presented a challenge to us. They needed a website, and they needed it fast. Three months from the date of signed contract a press conference to introduce the company to the world was to be held. Our client needed a formidable web presence to send information-hungry journalists and space enthusiasts to. Our team pulled together and organized to take on the behemoth of a task.

Our design and development teams got to work creating a cutting edge site using animated graphics, video, and AWS hosting for a lightning-fast, visually stimulating user experience. This website tested the limits of what is possible at Black Tie Digital Marketing and resulted in a stunning site that we are extremely proud of.

A Picture of The Future Across Devices

Designing and building websites for a spectacular mobile experience is essential. With mobile visits surpassing desktop traffic every year, we believe building a website for mobile first is the right way to create an intuitive, cross-device experience. After we designed and developed Moon Express’s website with the perfect mobile experience, we built onto it to ensure that the site will function flawlessly on desktops and other screens.

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