The Brief

Rebrand an Established Firearm Manufacturer With an Innovative New Website and Marketing Plan

About KelTec Weapons

KelTec is one of the leading firearms manufacturers in the United States. As a company they innovated concealed carry firearms and have continued to bring quality engineering to bullpups, shotguns and rifles. They were in need of an updated, user-friendly website to meet the demands of their rapid growth.

Brand DNA Architecture

The Black Tie Digital Brand DNA Architecture is a proprietary process we use to discover our client’s business. This process reveals a company’s purpose and its aspirations. The DNA is essential to craft a digital marketing strategy that will enable our clients to dream bigger and attain their goals.

KelTec had a very interesting problem for us. As a company renown for innovation, they really needed a rebrand Their website didn’t convey their value or innovation. Regardless, their footprint in the firearms industry This made branding a challenge because they needed an update but it still needed to be recognizable.

An Innovative Website to Match an Innovative Company

When you build your company on innovation and the American Dream, you need a website to match. Our challenge was to create a website that could support KelTec’s existing customer base and online store while streamlining their expansive content into a visual user experience. And, as always we want our sites to load faster than Scott empties a magazine at the gun range.

Responsive Site for Decisive Customers

We always build sites mobile-first. It’s necessary for so many reasons, but when you take a site as robust as KelTec’s it not only needs to be responsive but lighting fast as well. KelTec’s new website is viewable and functional on any sized screen wherever your data may roam.

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