The Brief

Brand the global technology of broadcast communications

About USSI Global

USSI Global is a leader in providing communication services such as satellite, broadband, broadcast, and IoT support to a global customer base. Their technology enables their clients to focus on their core business without worrying about communication services. They provide quality and customized network, broadcast and digital media solutions around the world with outstanding customer service. They move the marketplace forward via an all-encompassing program management philosophy that focuses on strategy rather than reaction.

Brand DNA Architecture

The Black Tie Digital Brand DNA Architecture is a proprietary process we use to discover our client’s business. This process reveals a company’s purpose and its aspirations. The DNA is essential to craft a digital marketing strategy that will enable our clients to dream bigger and attain their goals.

USSI is an impressive company with a full history of providing communication services around the globe. We needed to understand where they came from and help to create a digital strategy that would propel this brand into the future.

A New Logo For an Established Brand

Branding is extremely important. For companies to continue to innovate and attract new business, brands must be updated. USSI’s logo once stood for the cutting edge work they did with satellite communications. However now that they encompass so much more, a new brand was needed. Their brand needed to reflect their all-around approach, commitment to innovation and dedication to customer service. The circular design we created effectively illustrates their core values, and as an added bonus creates a stunning and dynamic animated graphic that greets website visitors.



A Website to Cover the Globe

A company as established and successful as USSIglobal needed a website that pays tribute to the work they’ve done to solidify their place in the market and show potential clients the expanse of their expertise. This website incorporates video, animated graphics, responsive design, and features an easy-to-use customer portal where USSIglobal can be in communication with their clients around the globe. This website represents the beginning of a more modular, component-based approach to website design and resulted in flawlessly functional, and beautiful, website.

The Seamless Communication Across Devices

Designing and building websites for a spectacular mobile experience is essential. With mobile visits surpassing desktop traffic every year, we believe building a website for mobile first is the right way to create an intuitive cross-device experience. After we designed and developed USSIglobal’s website with the perfect mobile experience, we built onto it to ensure that the site will function flawlessly on desktops and other screens.

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