The Brief

Brand Development To Simplify Homeowners Insurance

About Orion180

Orion180 is a real time, full service provider of homeowners insurance for agents; creating a streamlined, simple, world-class experience. Operations include complete origination, customer service, and technology capabilities due to their own IP platform. The use of Orion180 technology means an agent can use this one platform to produce all the information and materials needed for the client. Thus, making their job faster, easier, and equipping them with the latest, up-to-the-minute information available.

Brand DNA Architecture

Orion180 is achieving a higher level of recognition in the insurance industry, growing their client base, and building a premium, cutting-edge brand, website, social media marketing, and inbound marketing strategy with a marketing plan designed and executed by Black Tie Digital Marketing.

Our Brand DNA architecture process allows us to confidently and meticulously understand your business so we can apply specific marketing tactics and strategy to your overall brand just as the plan was implemented with Orion180.

Scope of Work

Rebranding | Website | Search Engine Optimization | Inbound Marketing | Content Creation | Graphic Design | Videography

A New Brand

Orion180’s previous logo spoke to their technology side but wasn’t inclusive of their name or the homeowners insurance industry. To bring all three elements together, Black Tie set to work on reimagining their brand. The final result has given Orion180 a new brand that will see them through to new heights in their business and industry.



A Website Providing A Platform To Do The Heavy Lifting:

Orion180 provides a platform for independent agencies to provide a simple experience to agents while Orion180 does the complex work for them. This website makes the job of an agent quick, easy, and stress-free as they receive real-time information for the homeowner. 

Seamless Experience Across Devices

Being able to network across all types of devices is a top priority for Orion180. An agent or homeowner can seamlessly navigate their way around the website with ease and simplicity no matter what device they are using or where they are using it from.

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