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Designer. Okie. Brand geek. Lifter of weights. Chad has been going beast-mode on brands for nearly two decades now. A graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma’s NASAD accredited design school, Chad considers himself a student and teacher of design, always learning new things and honing his skills like a Samurai sharpens his sword.

Chad’s greatest passion is to make things for people that want to change things. And it’s this drive that keeps his blood flowing. Because of this relentless pursuit of greatness, some of his creative solutions have resulted in a multitude of award-winning pieces across all media, in virtually every industry. He currently oversees all of Black Tie’s branding, creative projects, and manages our talented team of designers.

Away from his sketchbook and digital canvas, he remains a purveyor of excellent design. A global traveler, Chad appreciates the artistic beauty in the world’s architecture, nature, music, film and sports. For Chad, fun is exercise, surfing, bicycles, interesting beers and unique hats – not usually all at once…but sometimes.