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4 Things We Are Less Addicted To Than Social Media

I know we are all aware of how important it is to use social media whether it is in our personal lives or our business lives and Black Tie Digital Marketing wants you to know why.

As I have said before, most people these days check for social media pages and websites before they shop at a certain business and this is true. Most of the time before I go anywhere or do anything, I make sure the place is legitimate. The way I do that is by making sure they have an online presence. If they don’t, I lose interest—it’s sad but true.

The Huffington Post found 4 things that are easier to resist than social media, proving that it is necessary for you to hop on board now if you are still riding the reluctant train.

  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Talking Out Loud
  • Caffeine

I would personally give up all of these things easily (not talking out loud might be a huge challenge, but I’d do it) if I had to choose between them or social media. When I find myself bored on a Tuesday night I don’t go reaching for a bottle of wine, I open up my MacBook and check out Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn if I’m feeling professional. Also, unlike most people who have to have their caffeine jolt before their day can start, I like to browse my social media outlets before I officially start my day. It’s my version of sitting down and reading the newspaper. I get caught up on everything that’s going on around me so I’m not out of the loop when I interact with people.

Now, it’s a toss up between what is more addicting for me: talking out loud or social media. I’d have to pick social media because I tried to deactivate from all of my accounts and 20 minutes later I was logged right back in. I know I am not the only person who acts like this. In fact, if you are bored on a Tuesday night get online and see just how many people out there in the cyber world are poking around on Facebook.

If you are deciding that it’s about time to put your business into the world of social media or need help with any other web design in Melbourne, Florida give us a call!