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5C is Apple’s new brand ambassador

We can now put the rumors to rest! Apple’s Sept 10 announcement includes the new iPhone 5C, a lower-cost version of the iPhone that will help expand the market and act as a “brand ambassador” to new market segments. At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we know this means potential expansion of mobile social media marketing and we’re ready to work with you!

The iPhone 5C offers more color options than traditional iPhones, with versions in green, white, blue, red, and yellow. They will feature an A6 processor and include Apple’s 8MP camera for easy photo sharing and app integration. The steel frame of the 5C is coated in plastic. New silicon rubber cases will act as radio antennae for the phones.

This is definitely a lower-cost model, with the 16GB version coming in at just $99. It’s said to be compatible with more LTE bands than any other smartphone in the world. The new iPhone certainly reflects Apple’s ambitions to expand market share. Over the past 6 years, the iPhone has converted a huge market segment over to Apple, but saturation is a concern and the lower-cost model will facilitate entry to into new market shares and compete more directly with lower-cost Android models.

As Apple expands globally, it’s a great time to consider your mobile  marketing strategy and optimize your digital presence for mobile devices. Black Tie Digital Marketing is your Melbourne FL social media marketing contact to optimize YOUR presence for the mobile web.