“A Joke Is A Very Serious Thing” – Winston Churchill
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“A Joke Is A Very Serious Thing” – Winston Churchill

Black Tie Digital Marketing wants you to have the most successful online marketing strategy possibly, which is why you should infuse humor into your content marketing strategy. Everyone loves to laugh; it’s one of the reasons I’m on social media to begin with. When I need a break from reality, I log into my Twitter or go to my favorite Tumblr account. I sometimes find myself engaged in these social media networks for way longer than I should have because they make me laugh.

Serious content can be relevant and useful; however, it can sometimes be boring. You need to create content that attracts and engages your customers. Don’t constantly post status updates or tweets that promote your business. Post humorous images or interesting stories so the consumers will see it and be like, “hey what’s that?”

Even if a post isn’t necessarily humorous, if it is interesting then your followers will most likely engage with it. For example, one of our clients owns a business that designs and produces custom t-shirts, so on their Facebook page I shared that, “In 1939 the first promotional t-shirt was printed for the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz,’” which is a fun fact I found at Informant Bureau.

While this isn’t humorous, it is a fun fact that most people aren’t aware of. It doesn’t explicitly promote the services of the company, but it shares interesting information while implicitly reminding their Facebook following of their existence. People will be more likely to follow your company, and continuing following your company if you contribute content to their news feed that sparks their interest. So make sure to throw funny, interesting content into your mix to keep your customers engaged with your brand. If you need help with Social Media Marketing in Melbourne, Florida then give our team at Black Tie Digital Marketing a call to see how we can help!