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A Peek Behind the Graphic Design Curtain

As a graphic designer for Black Tie Digital Marketing, I have the privilege of exercising my creative mind on a daily basis. What I love most about creating digital art is that I never complete the same work twice. I am constantly brainstorming new ideas for total branding packages including logos, websites, pop-up banners, step and repeats, business cards, and letterheads.

Expectations of my design vary from client to client, which keeps my work from becoming mundane. While it’s satisfying to generate new and unique artwork, it does pose its challenges. It is sometimes difficult to conceive inspired visuals for certain clients. For example, after working with several clients in the same industry, it becomes more demanding to produce an original logo design. There are also several clients that have no specific imagery to represent them, which makes it difficult to materialize their brand into a logo.

In over seven years of working as a graphic designer I have developed my own creative process:

  •  First and foremost I need several cups of coffee to get my creative juices flowing.
  • Once I’ve satisfied my caffeine craving, I consider the client’s target audience.
  •  Next, I scan the client’s competition.
  • The next step involves a bit of word play. For example, if a dentist is located beachside and they want their graphic art to convey a beachside dentistry theme, I will brainstorm ten “beach” related terms and ten “dentistry” related terms.
  • Lastly, I mix and match the terms for graphic art ideas.

My experience includes a Media Arts and Animation degree from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where I graduated with the best overall portfolio. After getting my degree, I worked as the sole graphic designer for a rigorous public relations agency, where I honed my skills designing mostly print graphics. My experience at Black Tie Digital Marketing has broadened my graphic design skills to include digital artwork for websites. While I am fortunate to have extensive experience under my graphic design belt, the best part of my job is that I’m always learning and if I don’t know something, I’ll figure it out.

As part of your Melbourne, FL branding and logo team I am proud to produce authentic artwork that truly conveys your company’s brand and mission. Contact Black Tie Digital Marketing to enhance your business’ web presence today!