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Are You Joining The Visual Revolution?

We’re all aware that Social Media has joined the visual revolution and here at Black Tie Digital Marketing, we want you to integrate photographs into your Social Media platforms. First, you are going to need to brainstorm ways to communicate your messages through imagery. What is your business trying to say via its social media presence? What actions do you want potential and current customers to take?

If you’re a dentist, you likely want to become a resource for good dental hygiene information for your patients and promote treatments that bring in extra income. How would a dentist go about engaging in the visual revolution, you might wonder? A dentist might post photos or videos of how to properly brush teeth or floss. They could also post before and after photos of patients who received fillings, whitening treatments, or braces. No matter what the business category, there are ways to use images to promote your offerings and engage with consumers.

Imagery should be used to enhance social media channels that you are already using, as well as to introduce your brand to new sites like Pinterest and Instagram that are more exclusively image-focused. When you are using Facebook, you can enhance your status updates or posts by attaching pictures. Try out different approaches and see what works for your business. By determining what is most liked, commented on, and shared you will know what your followers enjoy engaging with.

Another great way to connect with your followers and increase the images posted on your Social Media page is to encourage your followers to share an original photo of their own. This will engage them and create a conversation between you. If you ever need help managing your social media accounts or with web design in Melbourne, Florida then give us a call today!