Are You Making Common Social Media Mistakes?
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Are You Making Common Social Media Mistakes?

Many business owners feel the pressure to master the art of communicating with their friends and followers on their social media site and Black Tie Digital Marketing can help you avoid a few mistakes businesses sometimes make.

Social media isn’t about the hard sell or getting people to buy your products or services RIGHT NOW. Social media sites are about building relationships with your followers so they begin trust your company. You should use these sites to answer questions, provide useful information, and be a trusted resource for visitors. Social media should not replace your other traditional marketing practices because it’s a slower, and more detailed process.

Another mistake businesses can make is self-promoting on social media sites. No one wants to log into their Facebook or Twitter and see 17 updates in a row all talking about you and how great your business is. To be liked on social media site, you’ve got to be gracious, genuinely interested in others, and not dominate the conversation.

There are tons of social media sites popping up every other week it seems like. The good news is that doing social media well doesn’t mean you need to be everywhere. Instead, it’s about choosing one or two of the most relevant and effective channels for reaching your customers and focusing on them. A neglected social media presence will reflect poorly on your business. It’s actually better to not have an account if you don’t have the time and resources to actively manage it and participate.

When social media becomes too overwhelming, contact our team to help you manage your sites and any other web design problems in Melbourne, Florida.