Are You Ruining Your Online Reputation?
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Are You Ruining Your Online Reputation?

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we want to make sure your online reputation is being held to the highest standards so you can keep your customers happy and stop them from unfollowing you. There are certain tactics that you can use online that may annoy your followers enough to find that “unfollow” or “unfriend’ button and use it. Check out these ways that Social Media Today believes can ruin your online reputation: spamming people, posting inappropriate content, being negative, and only talking about yourself. If you are spamming people, or posting every hour on the hour, you may find your numbers of followers decreasing by the day. Posting once every few days or once a week is enough to keep your customers updated without flooding their news feed.

Another thing to avoid when posting on your company’s Facebook or Twitter is posting inappropriate content. Even if you find something funny or entertaining, that doesn’t mean everyone will. You definitely don’t want to take the chance that something you post offends someone, which could cost you a lot of future business.

Don’t be negative! Every time I scroll through my news feed, I can find everyone’s opinions on the things they have encountered throughout the day. “It’s too cold out,” “I hate going to work,” or “Some situation going on in the world right now is awful.” Make sure you’re not always a Debbie Downer who’s posting about how awful everything is.

You should also avoid talking only about yourself. There is so much going on in your community, the nation, and your field of business that you should share some of that information via your social media pages. Social media is about engagement and in order to engage your audience you need to start a conversation with them. Don’t solely focus on your objectives, but initiate a two-way conversation so your audience is able to participate.

When you need help managing your Social Media Marketing or Web Design in Melbourne, Florida then give our experts at Black Tie Digital Marketing a call today and see how we can help you get started.