Are You Using Social Media The Right Way?
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Are You Using Social Media The Right Way?

Food Trucks are all the rage these days in big cities and now even in smaller towns, but Black Tie Digital Marketing wants to know, “how have these trucks grown so big?” The answer to that question is social media. I first heard of food trucks when one of my friends asked me to go to The Cravings Truck to get fried chicken and waffles, which sounded like the most bizarre combination. While it still sounds weird, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever had. But how did my friend and hundreds of other people learn about this new trend?

The food truck forced these owners to not only become active participants, but content creators as well. shared three tips that these food truck owners used to expand their customer base and grow their business in a short amount of time: combining social media and location-based technology, get creative, and nail customer service.

Social media and location-based technology is the main focus for food trucks. This strategy is very low cost but it provides you with free advertising to let your potential customers know where you are and what you are doing. If you connect your social media accounts, your friends and followers can see it in multiple places and come on by! In addition, you can encourage your customers to check in to your location for an incentive like a coupon or a free item.

Also make sure to get creative because the point of using social media for your business is to drive consumer engagement. also shared how Doritos is driving customer participation, “Doritos is encouraging fans to vote on which fan-produced ad it should show during the Super Bowl.” For your company, create a poll to encourage your friends or followers to answer and get their feedback. Create a hashtag to go along with this poll so that people can access it on Twitter.

Use social media to create top-notch customer service. My professor shared with me how after his cable box stopped working after a thunderstorm; his wife called the cable company and sat on hold for a long while. When she finally got so fed up, she tweeted to the company and a customer service representative helped her via Twitter and fixed the problem within a few tweets. Use your social media to create a social customer service strategy.

According to Useful Social Media, “77% of customers expect to be served in the [social media] channel of their choice.” explained how the food trucks have used Twitter as their virtual call center, “when a problem occurred, customers tweeted about it and they tweeted back. They apologized for the inconvenience, and if there was a mishap with an order, they’d send a coupon for a free waffle in an effort to square things away.”

Social Media Marketing is extremely important, but it’s only effective if you are using it the right way. If you need help with Internet Marketing in Melbourne, Florida then give our team at Black Tie Digital Marketing a call today and see how we can help you.