Black Friday for Non-retailers
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Black Friday for Non-retailers

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we’re all about your web presence. We offer a suite of services from web design to social media marketing that all work together to boost your search engine ranking and get you noticed online.

If you’re a small business offering a service (construction, remodeling, dentistry, legal assistance), you may not have lines out the door on Black Friday. You don’t have to run a sale ad in the Sunday newspaper and you don’t need to hire extra security to handle the rush of frantic buyers. You’re just not that kind of business.

But you are the kind of business with a web presence. And whether Black Friday is big for you or not, it’s a day when all of your fans and followers are engaged online looking for steals and deals. Even if your storefront is closed, your digital presence is open. Take the opportunity to meet your clients online Black Friday. Be there. Be present. They’re online, they’re looking, and they want to see YOU during the hustle and bustle.

Call us at Black Tie Digital Marketing, and we’ll  help you prep your Black Friday digital presence today!