Black Tie Humbled as SCB Contributors
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Black Tie Humbled as SCB Contributors

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, there’s nothing we love more than sharing our  knowledge and experience with those within our community. That’s why we’re grateful for our ongoing relationship with Space Coast Business, a reputable monthly magazine here in central Florida. As your resource for Melbourne, FL Internet marketing, we are humbled by just how many times our growing business appears on the pages of the prominent publication’s February issue.

Sharing Our Insights

black tie digital marketing, space coast business magazineIf you find yourself flipping through this month’s issue of Space Coast Business (SCB), you’re sure to spot Black Tie Digital Marketing sprinkled throughout. SCB dedicated their February issue to Marketing, and graciously reached out to our CEO Scott Brazdo to ask him to shed some light on what’s to come for Marketing in 2015. In his article, “Targeting the New Wave of Digital Marketing: Attract, Convert, Automate,” Brazdo dishes on the Digital Marketing strategies that will not only attract users, but that will convert them into customers, while automating the process and reducing your need for hands-on involvement.

black tie digital marketing, steve buck and scott brazdoBlack Tie in the Spotlight

Our co-founders Steve Buck and Scott Brazdo, were also featured within the section Marketing Professionals. As local marketing professionals, we were truly honored to have the story of Black Tie Digital showcased amidst other industry professionals. Be sure to check out our full-page ad feature as pictured above.

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we are blessed to serve as contributors to Space Coast Business and we look forward to working with their organization closely in the future. If you’re interested in how our industry professionals can take your Melbourne, FL Internet marketing strategy to the next level, contact our team today.