Black Tie Rocks Mobile
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Black Tie Rocks Mobile

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, it’s our business to make sure you rock on the web. So what if we told you 28% of your customers are finding you via mobile web?

New data reported by Public Relations firm Walker Sands shows that a full 28 percent of traffic to a sample of clients is coming from smartphones and tablets. This jump was reported in the second quarter of 2013 and third quarter results show it wasn’t a temporary jump. Of course the client sample can’t be generalized to every market, but it does reflect a directional trend. So we ask again: what if you knew nearly a third of your traffic happens on mobile?

Is your mobile web presence comparable to your PC presence? Can you interact with your fans and followers in real-time, on social media? Are you searchable via maps and apps?

Black Tie Digital Marketing can help. We’re your Melbourne digital marketing firm helping clients across the United States rock their businesses. We know multiscreen user behavior and our comprehensive packages meet your clients right where they are. Call us today and we’ll show you how your business can rock mobile!