Breaking Down Twitter Basics for Your Business
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Breaking Down Twitter Basics for Your Business

At Black Tie Digital Marketing we know that a strong social media presence is vital to your company’s online heartbeat. While Twitter is almost eight years old, it has come to our attention that not everyone is aware of the potential connectivity a Twitter account can offer their company. In order to use social media to your business’ advantage it’s important to understand the basics of Twitter.

David Roth’s recent Marketing Land column highlighted a session concerning “Twitter for Business,” presented by Ric Dragon, CEO of Dragon Search and the author of Social Marketology. The session covered the basics of Twitter for beginners as well as tips for utilizing it as a business tool.

There are several helpful definitions of terms for the Twitter novice including “handle,” which is a person or a company’s username. You may have noticed that “hashtags” or “#”, formerly known as the pound sign, are used incessantly in today’s online world, however hashtags on Twitter are used to identify tweets pertaining to a specific topic or trend. A company can choose to create their own hashtags as well as join existing trends. A “retweet” (RT) is a way of reposting or forwarding another user’s tweet. If you choose to “favorite” a tweet you are simply acknowledging the tweet without reposting it on your own feed.

Some key tips to ensuring a positive consumer following for your brand is to tweet to specific user handles, or reach out directly. Don’t just tweet to tweet. If you have a real story to tell it will add value to your tweets and create user interest. As always in social media, an authentic connection will breed more consumer loyalty than a cheesy ad or automated posts.

At Black Tie Digital Marketing we know the importance of having a genuine online connection with your consumers. If your business needs help building a credible social media existence call your Melbourne, FL social media optimization team today!