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Carolyn Salzmann Raves About Black Tie Digital Marketing

Internet Marketing is such an important part of your business and you may find it to be a completely daunting task but our experts at Black Tie Digital Marketing will make this easier for you.

Carolyn Salzmann, founder of The Salzmann Firm in Orlando, Florida, can attest to not knowing how to start creating an Internet presence. “I very much wanted to change my website and wanted to enter the world of Internet marketing but I really didn’t know how,” Carolyn explained. “I was quite honestly a bit afraid and a bit overwhelmed but both Scott and Steve came in and explained and gave me a level of comfort that I really hadn’t had before.”

Having an easy, accessible website that is informative is what will convince your customers that you are the company they want to do business with. Carolyn was really unhappy with her website before Scott and Steve entered the picture. “I actually hated going to my own website because it just wasn’t what I wanted it to be,” Carolyn said. “Scott and Steve took my website and the graphic design of my presence to a whole new level. Everyone I’ve showed it to says it looks so classy, so upscale, so professional and I have had nothing but wonderful feedback.”

Carolyn was extraordinarily happy with the outcome of her website and recommends Scott and Steve to anyone looking to enhance their Internet presence. “They are so easy to work with. They are just really good guys and most importantly they have a great sense of humor. I’m very, very happy with them and I would recommend them to anyone,” Carolyn said.

So when you want to revamp your online presence and web design in Melbourne, Florida then keep Scott and Steve in mind so they can make sure you Internet presence rocks.