CEO Scott Brazdo Shines Spotlight on Google Remarketing
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CEO Scott Brazdo Shines Spotlight on Google Remarketing

At Black Tie Digital Marketing we harness the power of multiple individual marketing tools and foster a symbiotic system for which they can thrive in, all to enhance your business’s web presence. Lately one tool in particular has been receiving lots of attention, and our CEO Scott Brazdo explains why the spotlight is justifiable in the March issue of Space Coast Business. 

Why Google Remarketing?

It costs a lot of money to get people to your website. What if they visit once and for some reason they don’t call you to schedule an appointment or click to buy your product right then and there? Before Google Remarketing, the money you spent to get them to your website would have been wasted. The beauty of Google Remarketing is that it won’t let your website visitors forget about your product or services. Your customers will constantly be reminded of your business as they surf the web.

It All Starts with a Cookie

As your go-to agency for Melbourne, FL Internet marketing, we love to share our shiny new marketing tools with our clients, especially one as rockin’ as Google’s Remarketing. Black Tie Digital CEO Scott Brazdo explains that Google Remarketing works in conjunction with your current Google AdWords campaign. When potential customers visit your site, they’ll be given a “cookie,” which stays embedded in their browser for up to three years, following you to other websites. In other words, once a person visits your website, they will begin to see ads for your company on any site that has cookies enabled, which we’ve learned is quite a lot. These are reputable sites like ESPN, The Weather Channel, Forbes, YouTube, and so many more.

Remarketing and Your Budget 

While a new marketing tool sounds great and all, you might be wondering how it will impact your overall marketing budget. That’s the best part about Remarketing–once you pay for the graphic design services to create your ad campaign, the next time you owe a payment is when a user actually clicks on your ad!

Google Remarketing is a remarkable new tool that will upgrade your Melbourne, FL Internet marketing strategy. Call today and talk with Scott to find out more about how we can get your business noticed online!