CES 2014 is happening now!
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CES 2014 is happening now!

At Black Tie Digital Marketing in Melbourne, we’re always on the hunt for new geekery and the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 is our DREAM! The internet is buzzing with news of cool new products in development and production for 2014.

From January 7-10 this year, Las Vegas, Nevada is the place to be in tech. Companies from across the world are unveiling their latest products to a crowd of anxious consumers and retailers. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite new products reviewed by Engadget:

  1. Simplicam watches the house while your gone and uses facial recognition software to tell you who’s home.
  2. A 3D scanner for the iPad… for just $500!
  3. The iring that adds gesture control to iOS music apps.

We’re only in day two of CES 2014, so for more groundbreaking technology, follow CES on their website at https://www.cesweb.org/. Social media hashtags #ces and #ces2014 will likely help you discover some of the latest tech as it’s unveiled. It’s an exciting week in technology and your Melbourne digital marketing firm is pumped!