Color Theory on Instagram
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Color Theory on Instagram

In her recent article, Amy Gesenhues breaks down the science of color and saturation for likes on Instagram. At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we know color is essential in web design and we focus our branding efforts based on the science of consumer response to color and texture.

Gesenhues affirms human color theory with data showing Instagram photos with blue hues “received 24 percent more Likes than photos with predominantly red hues.” Other winners?

  • single-colored images won 17% more likes over images with multiple colors
  • images with more lightness won 24% more likes than dark images
  • low saturation images won 18% more likes than photos with vibrant colors
  • backgrounds won 29% more likes than photos without backgrounds
  • images with texture won 79% more likes than “smooth” images

And likes on Instagram are difficult to earn. Over 65% of photos had zero to 10 likes. While marketers don’t yet fully understand the ROI or the value of an Instagram or a Pinterest pin, these image-heavy social tools are already understood to be quite different. Repinned images on Pinterest, for example, follow a different set of conventions (more red, for instance).

Black Tie Digital Marketing is your Melbourne internet marketing firm to help you rock your business online. We’ll help you establish a brand that keeps color theory in mind and help you create content that’s sharable across a variety of social media channels. Call us today to get started!