Content to Generate Buzz
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Content to Generate Buzz

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we keep tabs on trends in social media and right now is creating a buzz that’s hard to ignore. BuzzFeed is a popular social content website boasting amusing lists such as “21 Signs Your Relationship with Food has Gotten Way Out of Control” and “11 Secrets Pilots Don’t Want You to Know.” They’ve revolutionized social content by utilizing comical text combined with pictures, videos, and animations. But Ciaran Norris in his Marketing Land column explains BuzzFeed can teach brands how to be even more social and not just by compiling amusing lists.

The content you’re creating is much more important than the platform you select. Social media sites can drive traffic to your site if you’re producing content people want to share. Good content can be appreciated both locally and globally. While you can build a reputation through humor, it’s also important to have an understanding of regional issues.

Your brand may be capable of building a relationship through humorous antics, but not every piece of content must be light-hearted. For professional services like attorneys and medical professionals, content should be interesting, timely, and enjoyable to read. There is no exact formula that will tell you what your potential customers want to hear.

Most people understand that advertising makes the marketing world go round, but they don’t realize there are ads that don’t scream “advertisement.” Sometimes high-quality sharable content is the best advertising available! Content with a consistent tone, an appropriate mix of humor and gravity, and useful content is always a winning strategy for social media marketing.

Staying relative to customers and potential customers is no easy task, that’s why your Melbourne, FL social media optimization team always has your brand’s back.