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Converting Social Media Popularity into Profit for Your Biz

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, our goal is to help your business grow. While upgrading your digital presence requires a combination of factors including web design, branding, and SEO strategy, it also takes a personal touch. As Kevin Harrington’s Forbes article suggests, Facebook “likes” don’t necessarily mean there’s profit in your pocket.

Establishing a presence on social media is an important step towards making your business more visible online. However, in order to turn “likes” into profit, you need to take several more steps towards making meaningful connections with potential customers. Harrington suggests the following ways to foster genuine connections and therefore convert those “likes” into profits:

  • Speak to the person. There is a real person behind every Twitter handle and Facebook profile. Find a way to create a real connection with them and show them how your company’s product or service can improve their life.
  • Listen as much as you talk. Show that you’re listening by replying to inquiries and interacting with people talking about your company’s area of interest.
  • Choose your platform wisely. While you might think that you’ll get some return from each social media platform you manage, try and pick the few where your particular customers will most likely be present.

As your Melbourne, Florida social media optimization team we look forward to enhancing your business’ digital presence. Contact us today about how we can help your business grow.