Create Content Your Audience Wants To Share
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Create Content Your Audience Wants To Share

Black Tie Digital Marketing knows that there is no magic formula to ensure your content will be shared to a mass audience but there are some common elements among viral sensations.

Use emotion in your content because people share things that make them happy, sad, or feel any other strong emotion. This is exemplified by funny videos like “Gangnam Style” and “I’m On A Boat.” During a class presentation, my group used “I’m On A Boat” as an attention getter, which not only got everyone excited about what we were going to say, but also my teacher thought it was hilarious. America’s fascination with cats shows that people feel the need to share videos and content with adorable animals doing outrageous things, like the kitten and the baby goat playing on the stairs. If you haven’t seen that then you should check it out as soon as possible.

You should encourage imitation as well. While you may think the Harlem Shake phenomenon is crazy and hate that it clutters up your Facebook news feed, but it’s impossible to ignore all the user-generated videos that were created. The obsession with Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe,” even had the contestants of the Miss America pageant doing their own rendition, including Donald Trump! So try to create content that makes it easy for your audience to interact with or recreate – people love to put their unique spin on fun ideas.

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