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How Is Your Social Hygiene?

At Black Tie Digital Marketing our goal is to enhance your Internet presence through a multifaceted digital marketing strategy. While there are several different components of a marketing campaign that contribute to your brand’s online visibility, social media serves as a way to connect with customers naturally. The growing number of social media platforms to choose from may lead to some confusion about which one is best suited for your specific brand and whether you should share the same messages on each platform.

Gregg Finn’s Marketing Land column highlights recent research conducted by IPG Media Lab and 140 Proof who united their efforts in order to discover how a person’s social media presence differed from one platform to another. The study found that out of the 500 social media users surveyed, 60% admit that they connect with different brands and people based on the platform they’re using, a phenomenon the study coined as “social hygiene.” The study also revealed an interesting statistic concerning brand marketers on social media; 61% of the users polled have “unfollowed” or “unliked” a brand while only 29% have never “unliked” an account once they’ve liked it.

The recent research implies that tailoring your social media posts for each platform may be your best bet at connecting with your customers. If you’re interested in getting your brand the online recognition it deserves, contact your Melbourne, Florida social media optimization team today.