Digital Lessons from the 141st Kentucky Derby
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Digital Lessons from the 141st Kentucky Derby


This Saturday, the most exciting two minutes in sports will unfold along the storied track of Churchill Downs as the 141st Kentucky Derby is run. Tensions will ride high, great bets will be placed, and the true merit of each horse will be put to the test. In a way, the months of work that have led to the prestige of this day can be likened to the immense time spent preparing a brand for its digital debut. Is your business prepared to run the digital race? Do you have a guiding force to keep your brand on track in the digital content world? What will it take to reach Google’s ‘Winner Circle’ and be seen by audiences across America?

Help Your Website Make a Clean Break from the Gate

For starters, the owners never bring their horse to the track without preparation. No sane owner waits till race day to see if his horse can even break out of the gate. Instead, these three-year old speed machines have been under the watchful eye of their trainers, who know what lays ahead on the track. Is your business prepared to keep up in the race for audience and engagement? Or, are you letting your website break out of the gate in awkward, unprofessional way that doesn’t represent its pedigree or demonstrate its abilities? If this describes the online representation of your business, it’s time to invest in a new site with a web design firm that knows how to start you off with a clean break from the gate, and the best chance for victory in the race.

Jockey Through the Field of Competitors

When the bell sounds and the gates flash open, the real test has begun. The horse has the legs to run, just as your website has been designed with the functionality and features to carry it for the distance. But it is the jockey that guides the horse to achieve optimal positioning. Who is guiding the content of your website to maintain its freshness and positively impact its ranking in the race for SEO rankings? If your website lacks fresh content via blogs and social media postings, it is like a horse that decides to graze on the infield grass while his competitors leave him in the dust. Having a team of dedicated writers and social media experts is what your business needs to achieve optimal positioning and be seen favorably by the search engine optimization robots. In turn, it enables your business partners, consumers, and audiences to find your business and discover its value. So don’t let your website get lazy! Partner with a digital marketing agency that can be the jockey guiding your website to victory.

Reach the Winner’s Circle

No Derby Day moment evokes more triumph and joy than the iconic blanket of red roses draped across the neck of the victorious horse in the Winner’s Circle. For many businesses in the digital age, the ‘Winner’s Circle’ is reaching a top ranking spot on Google. What have you done to see your business in that spot? The spotlight that comes from a top ranking is worth its weight in virtual gold compared to being buried in the obscurity of page two of search results.

So on Saturday evening while you’re watching one three-year old speed machine climb to the top of thoroughbred rankings for 2015, think about what it would take to make your business succeed in the race for web presence. As your Melbourne, FL internet marketing agency, we have the team, expertise, and tools to guide your website on a successful run from the gate to the Winner’s Circle.