Digital Marketing Defined: Common Terms
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Digital Marketing Defined: Common Terms

Keeping up with the latest trends and terms in digital marketing is no small task. At Black Tie Digital, we see new innovations and applications becoming part of the roadway to consumers and market share just about everyday. So as the Internet landscape continues to change, let us be your guide. Below are a few terms and key concepts that you may have heard some buzz about, but didn’t fully understand. So grab your spirit of digital adventure and get ready to learn.


Content Marketing – Strategic use of published web material including site content, social media posts, and blogging to market a business in the digital realm.

Algorithms – Formulas utilized by search engines to determine website pages that are most relevant to search queries made. Algorithms factor in many different attributes of a web page including content, design, responsiveness, overall user satisfaction…and many, many more items.

PPC Ads – PPC stands for ‘pay per click.’ One popular use of PPC is to secure a higher-ranking in search engine results by paying to be associated with keyword phrases.

Organic search results – Listings generated by the search engine based on the website’s natural correlation to the keywords searched for. Distinguished from paid search results.

SERP – Search engine results page.

Infographic – Visually engaging display of information highlighting useful points or statistics. May feature graphs and charts. Designed to help a reader understand the main points at a glance.

Apply What You Learn

Reviewing these few terms may have left you wondering how you can become more strategic with your digital marketing efforts. We have experience in helping businesses of all sizes find their spot on the map, and we are happy to help at any step along the way. Give us a call today and let us help map your roadway.