Do You Need A Website Anymore?
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Do You Need A Website Anymore?

The question above might as well be rhetorical if you ask me, but Black Tie Digital Marketing wants to address this question in case you ever start to wonder whether or not your website is necessary. Some people speculate that in the future years business’s “official website” will be their Facebook page. Back in 2009, Skittles briefly redirected their website traffic to their Facebook and Twitter pages. Although this was a short-lived experience for Skittles, it got people wondering if this is what the future of our websites will look like.

Facebook allows you to do just about everything a traditional website can do, so why have both? A traditional website allows you to show your creativity through design and content that is posted. Facebook is a very uniform layout and it’s hard to differentiate your business from the millions of other businesses on Facebook. It’s also more difficult to optimize Facebook for certain keywords or phrases like we do with your website. SEO is a great benefit to growing your website that would be severely diminished and extremely difficult if traditional websites were traded in for Facebook pages only.

So when people throw out the question of whether they need a website anymore because of all the social media networks out there, the answer is yes! Websites give your business validity that Facebook can’t always provide and allow you to share valuable information easily. Also you don’t want to exclude people who aren’t on Facebook (yes those people do exist) from your website just because they aren’t apart of this particular network.

When you are looking for Website Design in Melbourne, Florida then give our team at Black Tie Digital Marketing a call to see how we can help your web presence grow!