Don’t Automate All Of Your Content
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Don’t Automate All Of Your Content

Black Tie Digital Marketing knows that life gets chaotic and often times it is difficult to keep up with all of your social media accounts all the time. The automation of your updates is definitely appealing in these situations, but you DO NOT want to schedule all of your posts in advance.

The purpose of using social media is to connect with your customers and engage in a conversation with them. How can you do that if Facebook automatically updates your site for you every week and you never take a look at it? Well you can’t. People can tell when your posts are automated and some people take it as saying, “I don’t care about actually being here. Just come read my content.”

The way that I attempt to try to avoid this is to post my content and then keep close to my computer or my iPhone and constantly check for comments or likes. If someone comments on a post, I make sure to “like” it or respond appropriately. If I were to post on Facebook and immediately after someone sends the company a message or writes on their wall and no one responds, what does that say? Not good things. While it’s okay to automate some content, you still need to support that with real conversations and interactions with your network.

If this is difficult for you to manage, then hire someone to help! It’s extremely important that your company is active on social media networks and works hard to interact with the customers. This gives them a real life connection to your company and encourages them conduct business with you. If you need help managing your Social Media Marketing in Melbourne, Florida then give our team at Black Tie Digital Marketing a call today to see how we can help!