Facebook Announces New Graph Search
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Facebook Announces New Graph Search

In the world of social media, the recent buzz has been surrounding Facebook’s announcement of a Graph Search and Black Tie Digital Marketing wants to help you understand what this means and how it affects your business. By Facebook implementing their own search engine, they are moving in on Google’s territory. This new search engine will not only compete with Google, but it will introduce new features to search engine capabilities.

It may be difficult to understand why this new search engine by Facebook is so important, but this new development will allow your device to access Facebook’s social layer of information, providing you with all the answers you could ever want from a search. Social Media Today explains that, “today you may pull out your phone and spend five minutes with a Yelp app to find a clothes store; tomorrow your device could proactively let you know you are walking past one of your friends’ favorite boutiques.”

What is more likely to cause you to go into a store: a stranger’s review on a website or the opinion of a close friend (or at least someone you met that one time at that one place)? This added social layer to the search engine will give you access to more information than you’ll know what to do with. You will be able to know how a friend or family member felt about a certain establishment, venue, restaurant, or even radio station.

So how is this social layer going to affect you? Well for one, if you have been waiting for Facebook to die out and you have been refusing to get a page then I would reconsider that thought. Unless you want to be left out of the search entirely, now is the time to perfect your Facebook page and up your customer service. Customer’s experiences are key when it comes to this social layer of Facebook’s search engine. You want great reviews to pop up about your business when someone types it into the search bar. So strive to be the best and this new search engine will only increase your sales and drive more people into your business. If you need any help with web design in Melbourne, Florida or Social Media Marketing then give us a call and see how we can help you!