Facebook Launched Its Upgraded Search Engine
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Facebook Launched Its Upgraded Search Engine

If you logged onto your Facebook since Monday you may have noticed a box in the corner explaining something or another and Black Tie Digital Marketing wants to explain what this was all about if you didn’t bother to read it. We have been hearing a lot about Facebook’s idea of graph search as a way to upgrade their current search engine. Well that’s what the blurb at the top right hand of your screen was all about it. It read: “Tip: Graph Search is rolling out now, so it’s getting easier for people to find photos and other things you’ve shared with them.”

“With the new search engine, users will be able to ask specific questions, such as “which of my friends live in New York?” Graph Search is also integrated with Microsoft’s Bing, meaning it will offer web search results if it can’t find anything useful in your graph. Facebook also claims the new search engine is faster, easier to see and use, and it picks relevant results better than the current one,” Stan Schroeder wrote on Mashable.com.

Facebook’s introduction of the Graph Search is its way of securing its place in the social media field for the time being. Many people have suggested that Facebook is on its way out but with the introduction of their upgraded search engine, the developers over at Facebook are ensuring that this isn’t true. What do you think will happen to Facebook, is it here to stay?

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