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All in a Facebook Minute

At Black Tie Digital Marketing we believe that a strong social media presence has the ability to expand your brand’s online presence. While old-school business owners may not readily accept the social media challenge, a recent compilation of research by SumoCoupon may change their minds. The data reveal how many different actions occur on Facebook during each minute. We’ve selected a few of the staggering stats to share with you here:

  • 150,000 Messages Sent
  • $11,700 Made
  • 50,000 Links Shared
  • 3,298,611 Items Shared
  • 243,055.5 Photos Uploaded
  • 500 Accounts Added
  • 100,000 Friends Requested

The data suggest that there is an immense amount of activity taking place on Facebook, not just every day, but every single minute. While this data alone may seem impressive, consider that the study covers just one social media platform. Millions of people are also active on other popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest. Your business does not need to be present on all platforms, simply research and select the platforms on which your demographic is the most active and start engaging.

Don’t miss out on connecting with people that are both existing and potential customers. If you are interested in improving your brand’s digital presence, contact your Melbourne, FL social media optimization team today.