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Facebook’s Like Gate is Officially Over

As your resource for Melbourne, FL social media optimization, we enjoy keeping a close eye on social media happenings. At Black Tie Digital Marketing we recently shared a blog about Facebook’s intention to put an end to “like gate,” and the end is officially here. As of Wednesday, November 5th, Facebook no longer allows business pages to use page likes as offer incentives.

Previously, a business’s Facebook page could restrict their content and offers to users that have liked their page. Facebook’s recent change in policy is in effort to facilitate genuine brand engagement and rebuild the value of a page like. In light of these changes, owners and page managers may find themselves wondering how their business will be affected. A recent Marketing Land article covered the need-to-know information regarding the aftershocks of like gate.

While it might initially feel as if you’ve lost a “like-gaining” tool, instead, it should be looked at it as a chance to harness your social media skills. While businesses can no longer force someone to like their page, they can certainly ask people to like their page. This is a great opportunity for page managers to form a more personal relationship with online customers.

At Black Tie Digital Marketing we are excited to see more organic interactions and likes between businesses and their customers. Contact our Melbourne, FL social media optimization team today to see how we can enhance your web presence and broaden your overall customer reach.