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Florida’s Tax Holiday: Leverage Social Media for Sales!

It’s back to school time for Florida parents, students, and teachers. And Florida’s three-day “tax holiday” August 1-3 means that shoppers will come out in droves to save money on back-to-school expenses.

But while the average Floridian may think this tax holiday benefits only children headed back to school, the reality is that it’s a great spending opportunity for almost anyone. And local businesses can leverage social media to communicate those often overlooked aspects of the tax holiday to returning or potential clients and customers!

Your Melbourne FL social media marketing firm reminds small businesses that there may be an opportunity for you in the tax holiday. If you haven’t already done so, take a look at the full list of tax-free items available through the MyFlorida website here. You may find, for example, that items in a neighboring store are tax free, and that my prompt you to offer a promotion since shoppers will be in your vicinity. Or if your business is on the water, consider reminding your customers to purchase new bathing suits this weekend and then come out to enjoy the water afterward. No matter your industry, there’s something in the tax-free holiday for everyone. Dig in to the details, think of how it impacts your customers, and share your thoughts on social media!

If you’d like to take advantage of the power of social media marketing but don’t know where to begin, contact your Melbourne FL digital marketing team today to get started. And happy shopping!