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Four reasons small biz owners should invest more in SEO

Just last month, Adam Stetzer analyzed recent Google search engine ranking algorithm changes and reported on why business owners should invest more money in search engine optimization. At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we know the value of a solid SEO strategy and our case studies show precisely how much a business can gain from investing in a stratified SEO and social media strategy.

Stetzer lists the first reason in simple terms: Google asked you to. Yes, Google is a powerhouse and their search engine ranking algorithms run the game. If Google decides that old-school tactics like paid links, wimpy content, duplication and keyword stuffing are not okay, then guess what: they’re not okay. Google rewards high-quality content and there’s no way around it.

Other reasons include the cost of updating when Google changes the game. Going back and reworking old content to play by the new rules is time-consuming and costly. If you focus on building rich content and give up on gimmicks, the changes aren’t as scary.

Reason 3: SEO and Marketing are one and the same. There’s no separation in the current digital marketplace. Every online interaction, every online marketing pitch, should be SEO-optimized by every person involved. SEO never stands alone and apart from the business, which is why Black Tie Digital Marketing also focuses on social media and website design. SEO cannot perform apart from these functions.

Reason 4: SEO is worth it with big returns on investment, costs less per lead than other marketing tactics, and can be less expensive with an integrated strategy like ours at Black Tie Digital Marketing.

So while the economy may dip and business may slow down, it’s important for small business owners to keep the importance of SEO in mind and to put the marketing dollars where they’ll yield the greatest returns.