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Get Inside Your Clients Head And Optimize Your Keywords Accordingly

One of the biggest challenges I face here at Black Tie Digital Marketing is trying to decide what our customers are thinking. I believe this is a challenge that every company has to face when they are deciding how to best serve their clientele. The reason I bring this up today is because in my last post I discussed the importance of keywords and why you should make sure to use them within your website.

Now I would like to take some time to explain what you should be considering when you are developing keywords to optimize your website for. When you and your team are brainstorming, try and decide what you would be typing into that Google search engine if you were looking for a business just like yours. Meredith’s Tuxedo and Suit Rental is such a great example I’m going to use them again. If you decide you need a tuxedo and you have no clue where to start, you are going to type in two things:

1. What you need

2. Where you are

By typing in “Tuxedo Rental Melbourne, Florida” you are telling the search engines exactly what you are looking for and where you need it to be. It’s best to keep the keywords you optimize your website for something simple. If you sell something super specific, that’s awesome! But you want to have generic keywords that apply to your business so that when someone types in those generic terms, your website will be presented to them.

It’s an extremely difficult task to get inside the head’s of your customers but it’s essential. So if you need help defining keywords for your business, with SEO, or other web design issues in Melbourne, Florida, give us a call at 1.800.316.8030.