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How Good Timing and Humor Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

At Black Tie Digital Marketing we know that timing can make or break a digital marketing effort. In Martin Beck’s recent Marketing Land column he explores a restaurant chain’s silly but perfectly timed tweet about an industry that you wouldn’t normally associate with the restaurant industry.

When Apple announced its plan to purchase Beats Electronics for $3 billion dollars, Denny’s tweeted, “BREAKING: Denny’s Buys Beets for $3 Billion, Makes Huge Salad.” The tweet received thousands of retweets, favorites, and comments exhibiting generally positive feedback. Because of good timing combined with even better humor, Denny’s was able to capitalize on news that didn’t necessarily have anything to do with their industry. Garnering attention from a light-hearted message is the type of organic digital attention every brand dreams of. Here are a few pointers for generating quality tweets:

  • Tweet when you have something to say. If you are constantly posting just to post then your tweets will have less impact over time.
  • Tweet in a timely fashion. The quality and quantity of engagement with your posts depend on their timing and relevance.
  • Don’t forget your sense of humor. While your tone on Twitter should remain consistent with your brand, sharing a laugh can create genuine connections with your customers.

While staying true to your brand’s personality on social media is important, a well-timed and well-intentioned sense of humor can prove to be rewarding. Contact Black Tie Digital Marketing if you are looking to improve your brand’s visibility through social media optimization.