Google Introduces Enhanced Campaigns
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Google Introduces Enhanced Campaigns

Black Tie Digital Marketing wants to discuss Google’s Enhanced campaigns and how it might affect your SEO strategy. Helene Rosenblum shared, “3 ways to prepare for a Google Enhanced SEO campaign” on Google’s Enhanced campaigns will be rolled out in June so marketers and advertisers will have time to learn the ins and outs of this new feature. Rosenblum advises that you take three actions to best prepare:

  • Run a dedicated smartphone campaign
  • Run a dedicated tablet campaign
  • Test the consumer website experience

Rosenblum believes that, “between now and June, advertisers should run smartphone-only campaigns to help them understand the value of their mobile customers.” Consumers use their mobile devices to search for websites almost as much as (if not more, from some people) their desktop or laptop. Google explains that Enhanced campaigns is, “designed to help you succeed in this world of constant connectivity.” Google strives to make your business as successful as it can be and with the world shifting to mobile devices, they have come up with a way to help you keep track of your customers and offer them an individualized web experience no matter which device they choose.

For Rosenblum’s second piece of advice, she explains that, “they [tablet users] tend to make more serious purchases, with a 10 to 15 percent higher shopping cart value than desktop shoppers. Running a tablet-only campaign will enable advertisers to understand this behavior so they can optimize their SEM and website.” It will be helpful to your business if you understand how customers use each unique device when they are looking for a company like yours.

“Determining the best conversion experience for consumers will ensure advertisers are putting their best foot forward once they switch to Enhanced campaigns,” explains Rosenblum. This will go hand in hand with the features of Enhanced campaigns. Because customers can buy over the phone or download apps, Google has added, “advanced reporting and new features help you better measure the full value of multi-device marketing.”

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