Google Search Results Generous with Local Biz
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Google Search Results Generous with Local Biz

In a Search Engine Land column posted today, Myles Anderson delves into data to determine which search engine displays more page-1 local business search results for users. As your Melbourne, FL search engine optimization agency, we’re happy to report that the research confirms our own suspicions: Google is king when it comes to providing localized, actionable search results.

Comparing search terms with varying degrees of specificity (generic, location-based, or long tail) in three different cities, Anderson compiled the number of page-1 local business results using search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Google was exceptionally effective at providing local results with even generic search terms (i.e., someone searching for a generic term like “dentist” typing from a machine in Melbourne, FL doesn’t have to specify location in the search; Google already knows the area based on the IP address). Yahoo and Bing seem to favor large corporations with larger websites in their results, displaying fewer local businesses following generic keyword queries.

There wasn’t much doubt about Google’s prominence in providing the most user-centered search results. The good news is that Google really does prize a user’s intention in accessing quality local businesses. The page-1 Google search result is valuable digital real estate, and Google’s awarding it to the local businesses users want to find.

If you’re operating in a local market and you’re unsure of how to take advantage of Google’s favor toward small business, contact your Melbourne, FL digital marketing agency today. People are searching for you… we’ll help them find you!