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Google+ Updates That Enhance Internet Communication

When it comes to Social Media in Melbourne, Florida I’m not sure how many people have embraced Google+ and all of its features it has to offer. For me, I get very confused very quickly when I’m on my Google+ account. However, I’m trying very hard to embrace Google+ and keep up to date on all the features it’s adding because it’s probably only going to get bigger and better, if I know Google.

Google added several improvements for Google+ Hangouts, in particular for their video chat app, including a new sidebar and notifications. Google+ Hangouts is the standout feature of Google+ that lets you chat face-to-face with customers, share a screen with team members, or broadcast to hundreds of fans. It’s a combination of Skype and YouTube, a more efficient way to communicate with others or even to the masses. The most notable update is the new sidebar, which now appears on the left side of the screen next to your Hang out. The people in your Hangout is what Google deems the most important part so in this update they consolidated important items like invites, chat, and apps into this new sidebar.

Another feature that Google introduced with his new bundle of updates is new notifications, which now appear in different colors to help you get a better sense of what the notification is all about. Alerts are highlighted in red while actions and announcements appear in blue and grey. This way you will be able to know the nature of alert quicker by associating the color with the type of alert instead of having to take the time to click on it and see that it is all about.

Black Tie Digital Marketing loves keeping you up to date on new features that social media networks are using to enhance the communication between you and your customers as well as between you and your coworkers. If you need any help with Internet Marketing in Melbourne, Florida then give our team a call today!