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Grab a Front Row Seat to Our October 15th Google Partners Event Recap

An old marketing quote goes, “Half of my advertising is working—but which half?” Google is taking several major steps towards answering this question for small businesses once and for all. At Black Tie Digital Marketing we are committed to being your resource for Melbourne FL Internet marketing. That’s why we are proud Google Partners and just recently hosted our second Google Partners event in our Melbourne office.

We enjoyed having several local (and not so local) businesses stop in to learn how Google is making Internet marketing bigger and better for your business yet again. If you were unable to make the event but want to catch up on what you missed, you’ve come to the right place.

Being a Google Partner is all about discovering and sharing the proper tools that businesses need to reach their customers. Here are some of the tools that Google is introducing to help close the gap between businesses and customers:

Connecting with Your Customers

• There are eleven AdWords Extension options including hours of operation, location, offers, images and more.

• Extensions allow your ad to appear more prominent among the others and offer more helpful information to your consumer.

• Only ads and the number one organically ranked business for a search term will be visible above the fold on the search results page. The second and third organically ranked websites will disappear below the fold.

• 20% boost of click-through-rate using Ad Extensions.

• Advertise when you need it most. For example, an ice cream shop can promote cappuccino when the temperature drops below a certain degree.

• Updating and conveying in-stock inventory is made easier for small businesses like car dealerships.

• Google My Business is a new way to connect with customers for free –you just need to claim ownership of your business.

• Google My Business allows business owners to reply to customer reviews and edit information such as your pin location on Google maps.

Black Tie Digital MarketingRemarketing

• People that visit your website will be added to a remarketing list using cookies, and your ad will keep appearing as they search the web.

• 300% higher click-through-rate, 37% lower cost per conversion.

• 13% higher ROI, 16% higher conversion rate.

• Shopping carts are abandoned 64% of the time. Google Remarketing reminds them to go back to your website and check out.

Be Mobile

• More people own a smartphone than a toothbrush.

• Desktop is a shrinking segment and mobile use is 50% higher.

• Simplifying your mobile website design and offering mobile only deals in addition to prioritized products and services will help increase overall user-friendliness.

• There are several different styles of mobile ads to choose from including anchor style and magazine.

Track Everything

• How do you calculate conversion rates if someone is calling your business or walking through the doors?

• You can track phone calls through AdWords and know which ads generate leads or are wasteful.

• Online marketing is extremely measurable. New estimated conversions will be released soon.

• Search ads don’t necessarily elicit a direct response. However, they will increase vital brand awareness and exposure.

As your resource for Melbourne FL Internet marketing, we are genuinely excited about the tools that Google just placed in our marketing tool belt. Please reach out to Black Tie Digital Marketing to find out how our team can help you implement these game-changing strategies and improve your customer reach.