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Why Happy Customers Are Your Best Investment

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we know that marketing is all about reaching people. But what about the people you’ve already reached and converted into customers? ClickZ recently published an article by Ohad Hecht highlighting the ongoing debate of retention vs. acquisition.

Because marketing budgets are not endless, it’s important for small businesses to properly allocate their funds. But how much of your budget should be allocated to attracting new customers and, conversely, to keeping your current customers? Econsultancy performed a survey of companies that revealed an overall much higher intention to invest in new customers rather than retaining current ones.

Hecht cautions against this common mentality, reminding us that customer acquisition burns more assets than customer retention. By investing time and money into your current customers you will actually decrease costs and customer turnover and increase brand loyalty. Investing in your current clients will pay off in the future as a satisfied customer is your best sales person. Customizing your customer experience will also give you an edge over competitors that will surely be vying for the business of your current, happy customers.

We enjoy helping our clients not only get connected, but stay connected with their customers through the implementation of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. If you’re interested in becoming one of Black Tie Digital’s happy customers and upgrading your brand’s online presence, contact your resource for Internet marketing in Melbourne, Florida.