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Hashtag Alert: Less is More

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we know social media can be overwhelming at times. Just when you’ve got Facebook down, they announce an upgrade. Perhaps you finally got the hang of Twitter, and the next thing you know, Instagram is the place to be. As your social media optimization team in Melbourne, Florida we want to remind you that exhibiting a relevant and authentic presence on social media can enhance your business’ marketing strategy.

Like most technologies, social media is in a state of constant change. And as platforms and tools change, businesses are turning to Instagram to help build customer relationships and market their brand. Knowledge of each platform’s tools is vital to your business’ social media marketing success.

Eric Sornoso’s recent Social Media Examiner column discusses the correct usage of Instagram hashtags. While some believe hashtags to be a fad, Sornoso explains that hashtags help organize photos by category and in turn increases the chance of discovery and reach of each post. However there are some hashtag ground rules that your company should heed in order to yield the best results. The column suggests that businesses new to Instagram typically make two mistakes:

  1. Using too many hashtags
  2. Using extraneous hashtags

By simply selecting a few relevant hashtags for each post, you send a direct, positive message, and avoid skewing the platform’s useful organizational system. When you include hashtags relevant to your industry, other people interested in your field will be able to find you.

At Black Tie Digital Marketing we will be happy to help you and your business build a substantial social media presence that encourages customer reach and interaction. Contact our team today to see how we can help improve your overall marketing strategy.