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Hot Searches: Past 30 Days

At Black Tie Digital Marketing, we don’t hide our love of tech geekery. And if you’re interested in digital trends and search news too, you may want to check out Google’s Hot Searches Past 30 Days visual. Updated always, you can see exactly what was trending on a given day.

And if the past thirty days seems out-of-date in the age of instant information, check out what’s trending in search right now. Watch search trends live as news breaks to get a sense of how search works.

But as fun as these tools can be, at Black Tie Digital Marketing we want you to know that search engine optimization is a long-term strategy built by integrating several components of your internet presence into one comprehensive, targeted strategy. We’re your Melbourne FL internet marketing provider for a web presence that is both responsive to trends but also built on a foundation of research, strategy, and steady execution of a targeted plan. Enjoy the trends with Google’s Hot Searches and enjoy business growth with Black Tie Digital Marketing optimizing your web presence.