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How Apple Maps Connect is Changing Local Search

At Black Tie Digital Marketing we are always looking for bigger and better ways to improve your business’s web presence. As a Yext Certified Partner we often receive updates regarding new tools for marketing your business online. The latest addition to local search is Apple Maps Connect and we’re interested to see its impact on Melbourne, FL Internet marketing.

What is Apple Maps Connect and How Will it Help My Business?

Apple Maps Connect is a way for small business owners to add or edit their local business listing. Since its release at the end of October just a few weeks ago, Apple Maps Connect has received a lot of attention. The purpose of this new tool is to give business owners the power to control information seen by their potential customers on the web. Right now, it appears that the biggest benefit to choosing Apple Maps Connect over competitive choices is that the business ownership verification process is practically instant. Other processes currently require a several day verification period. True to Apple’s nature, they’ve put the power to edit your business’s information literally in the palm of your hands.

The full potential of this tool has yet to be discovered, but with Apple behind the controls, we are very interested in its capabilities. As a Yext certified partner and your source for Melbourne, FL Internet marketing we look forward to utilizing the latest tools to help your business build a rockin’ web presence.