How Do You Measure Intangible Marketing Results?
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How Do You Measure Intangible Marketing Results?

Black Tie Digital Marketing knows that when you employ a new marketing plan, you expect to see tangible results. Whether your sales have increased or decreased, or whether or not your customer base has increased you expect to see real results. But with all the intangible marketing resources, how can you measure the results?

Social Media Marketing has challenged marketers on providing companies with tangible results. These days’ consumers expect more from companies in the way of creating value and providing quality communications. With almost every company engaging their customers in social media, how can you tell what works and what doesn’t? How do you know what the results of these marketing campaigns are?

Social Media Today shared that the intangible results that social media can achieve are:

  • A positive or negative emotional reaction from brand communications
  • The acknowledgement of being heard
  • The feeling of not being just a dollar sign to a brand, rather than a valuable person.
  • The feeling that the brand is trustworthy, transparent and open to dialogue from consumers.
  • The sense of recognition for contributing to the value of a brand
  • The ability to influence others who share similar sentiments about anything, everything and anyone
  • The connectivity people feel from human, rather than institutional, communications

So when you are wondering how you can better manage your Social Media Marketing in Melbourne, Florida then give our team at Black Tie Digital a call today—we work our hardest to create value for your customers by communicating effectively through social media networks.