How Is Public Perception Of Advertising Changing?
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How Is Public Perception Of Advertising Changing?

Black Tie Digital Marketing knows that decades ago, advertising was just about print ads in the newspaper, billboards, and magazines then with the invention of the television the ad game changed and it hasn’t stopped since. If any of you are fans of Mad Men and Don Draper’s long and winding journey through the advertising agency, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Television changed the way people viewed advertising and the Internet has had a profound effect on their perception as well.

An inforgraphic from Ambassador shared on Mashable lists these facts about how advertising has changed:

  • Company websites were listed as the most trusted advertising medium.
  • The least trusted form of advertising is text ads on mobile phones.
  • 40% of business who use SEO said it was their most effective means of advertising.

So what do these facts have to do with your business and your advertising strategy? Well clearly the Internet is heavily relied upon for trustworthy advertising. Unlike this entertaining example.


While not everything you read on the Internet is true, most consumers trust a company’s website—as they should. Your company’s website should be kept up to date with informative content for your customers. This way they will view you as a credible and reliable business. Another tip from the infographic is that you should engage in SEO practices in order to boost your organic rankings on search engines. Most people trust the first couple of links on a search engine to be the most reliable. This is why you should strive to be the first or second page that appears for a targeted search.

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