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How Will Apple Impact Your Business in 2015?

At Black Tie Digital Marketing we proudly use a variety of Apple products each and every day to better serve our clients. As a digital marketing agency staying on the cutting edge of marketing strategies and technology, we have a true appreciation for Apple’s tenacity and “pioneerism” in the technology industry.

Where is Apple Going in 2015?

Recently, Mashable took the time to assess Apple’s current status and predict its big moves in 2015. Several months ago, Apple announced a partnership with IBM. Eventually, the goal is to integrate mobile technology into business even further than it currently is by combining the different strengths of the two tech giants.

What Does the New Venture Mean for the Business Sector?

As a major component of Apple’s shift to big business, you can expect to see a different type of iPad in 2015. With a bigger screen and a more business-focused interface, Apple will attempt to knock down the barriers of using an iPad in the workplace. A major barrier currently keeping the iPad from serving as a useful tool in the workplace is its inability to utilize all the functionalities of Microsoft Office. If Apple can overcome this and other barriers through its partnership with IBM, it’s likely that your daily business functions will rely more heavily on iPads in the near future.

As your local digital marketing agency located here in Melbourne, Florida, we are certainly anticipating some great announcements regarding Apple’s expected move towards the business sector 2015. If you’re interested in how we can help you market your business better online in 2015, please contact the team at Black Tie Digital Marketing today!